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Coming in 2023!
Fann Club, Batman Squad by Jim Benton

Fann Club:
The Justiest Justice of All

With no particular training or superpowers, Ernest decides to set up a crimefighting unit consisting of his immediate friends and his dog. Ernest takes on the name of Gerbilwing, his best friend Jack becomes Nightstand, his sitter Harriet is dubbed Nightshadow, and his dog Westy takes on the crime-fighting alias of Night Terrier.

Their very important training exercises-all designed by Ernest, of course, consist of Scowling, Standing Mysteriously on a roof, and going on neighborhood patrol. But things get complicated when Ernest and Jack-a.k.a. Gerbilwing and Nightstand-visit a bank that happens to be in the middle of a robbery. And not just any robbery, but one that's being committed by a werewolf! What's his connection to a number of "disasters" that have been going on in Ernest's neighborhood? Will The Batman Squad taste defeat on their very first day of crime-fighting?

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