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The End (Almost)

When Donut the bear is told his story is over and he has to leave, he donut want to do it. After all, he hasn't had a chance to have any fun! Will Donut's sneaky schemes and elaborate disguises be enough to keep his story from ending?

Donut's silly antics in this clever picture book from New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton are sure to delight kids who never want their favorite stories to reach The End.

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Gold winner of the National Parenting Publications Awards!

The End (Almost) has also been added to the list of books your child should hear before kindergarten!

"To say that Jim Benton's new picture book The End (Almost) strikes the right chords with readers would be an understatement. After reading it with about thirty classes from Kindergarten through fifth grade, it shreds like Free Bird's guitar solo... At the surface, The End (Almost) is a total kid pleaser, one they'll beg you to read again. But it doesn't only have to succeed for kids. For teachers wanting to engage their students in a lively discussion about the elements of fiction, Benton gives you a book that becomes funnier the deeper you apply them." — Mr. Lewis5

“...Benton’s big, goofy bear with the huge, expressive mouth is more than likely to get rooms full of young readers rooting along for more stories.” — Jesse Karp, Booklist

“Children will be giggling right off the bat when Donut is introduced and as he tires to find different way’s to prolong his story. They will love that it is told in two perspectives, the narrator and Donut, and that they are having a silly argument about when the book should really end.” — Pawing Through Books


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