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Clyde by Jim Benton


When Clyde the bear decides to ditch his safe and peaceful life in Cubville and head off for the mean streets of Grizzly City, he learns, with the help of a reformed juvenile delinquent butterfly, the Bad Life isn’t always so great, and there’s something to be said for helping your friends and family even though that really does kind of stink a little.

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Clyde had made the shortlist for an Excelsior Award!

"...will draw in both robust and emerging readers, and frequent action scenes will compel all readers to keep turning pages...they will cheer when Clyde saves the day....recommended for most public and elementary school libraries." - School Library Journal

" paced, zany and just the right kind of surreal to appeal to primary school kids looking for laughs." - BookTrust

"...I think the best endorsement I can give is this: I read this book to my son, and we had a good time laughing together. When we finished, he immediately asked me if we could read it again. That's an experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life, enjoying a funny comic with my kid, and if you have kids, maybe you will too." - ComicsNow

"Clyde is straight-up hilarious" - MomReadIt

"I loved this book so much! It was short and sweet, but such a page turner. It kept the reader engrossed with colorful illustrations, fun characters, and lots of humor (I laughed constantly throughout the whole book)." - Life of a Female Bibliophile

"A sly wit!" - School Library Journal

Checkout this great Podcast review from Daddy Mojo.

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