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Jim Benton

An award-winning author and artist, a TV and film producer, a joke writer, screenwriter, and very successful licensor of his own original properties. His work has hung in the offices of The New Yorker Magazine, The Society of Illustrators, and is tattooed on the skin of fans.

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Jim is the creator of It's Happy Bunny, the licensing hit that has generated over 3/4 of a billion dollars at retail.

The IT'S HAPPY BUNNY books from Scholastic were chosen three times by the American Librarians Association as their top picks for teen readers, and It's Happy Bunny programs have taken top awards from the Licensing Industry Merchandise Association five times.

It's Happy Bunny Books by Jim Benton
It's Happy Bunny - I was nice yesterday and look where it got me

The Partnership for a Drug-Free-America asked Jim to develop an anti-drug program for middle school kids.The program was big success, winning three Addy awards and a Governor's Award.

And this obnoxious bunny transitioned into successful programs for toddlers, maternity, holidays, and even as a spokesperson for the McGrath Foundation, the leading breast cancer awareness organization in Australia.

Jim Benton Rogue Event Shirts
Jim Benton Rogue Event Flip Flops
Jim Benton Rogue Event Purses
Jim Benton's It's Happy Bunny
Jim Benton ADDY Awards

The relaunch has begun. The kickoff started at trendy NY retailer, ROGUE, with hundreds of fans lined up and down the block. Licensees and retailers are hopping on board and products are dropping now.

Jim Benton LIMA Awards
Jim Benton's Dear Dumb Diary Series 1-8

Jim's book series from Scholastic, DEAR DUMB DIARY, printed in 18 languages, has sold more than ten million books, and three titles in the series have been New York Times Bestsellers.

Jim adapted it as a movie musical, produced it with Walden Entertainment, and Jerry Zucker Productions (Airplane!). It was nominated for a Kidscreen award, and was shown at the Geena Davis BFF Film Festival.

Jim Benton's Dear Dumb Diary #9
Jim Benton's Dear Dumb Diary #10
Jim Benton's Dear Dumb Diary #11
Jim Benton's Dear Dumb Diary #12
coming soon banner.jpg

Coming Soon -

Dear Dumb Diary Graphic Novels!

New York Times Bestseller Jim Benton
Jim Benton's Franny K. Stein Books 1-7
Jim Benton's Franny K. Stein #8

Jim's series FRANNY K. STEIN, published by Simon & Schuster, has sold over five million books, and is on the tenth book in the series.

The Fran That Time Forgot was selected as one of two winners of the Eleanor Cameron Award, a cash award given by the Golden Duck Award Committee annually for the Best Science Fiction Book for (Middle Grade) Children.

Franny K. Stein was also named one of The Year's Ten Hottest Hotties by The National Enquirer, making her the only fictional character in a list of much-admired women that also includes Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Pink and Queen Latifah. Go figure.

Frantastic Voyage was nominated as one of five books in the Humor category fo the Disney Adventures 8th Annual Book Award, and Lunch Walks Among Us won a Gryphon Honors award.

Dog Butts and Love Book by Jim Benton

DOG BUTTS AND LOVE. AND STUFF LIKE THAT. AND CATS. is a collection of Jim's web cartoons, which was nominated for an Eisner Award

The sequel to that collection titled MAN, I HATE CURSIVE published by Andrews McMeel has also been nominated for an Eisner Award.

JOP AND BLIP WANNA KNOW is Benton's first educational graphic novel from HarperCollins and is the winner of an Excellence in Graphic Literature Award, selected by Pop Culture Classroom.

Man, I Hate Cursive. by Jim Benton

THE END (ALMOST) is a picture book from Scholastic that is great for 3-5 year olds who donut want their favorite story to reach The End. This title is also a Gold Winner of the National Parenting Publications Awards.

THE HANDBOOK from Scholastic, is a fresh new middle-grade novel that Kirkus Reviews says is "...a game-changer for many." and is "Eerily plausible..." Now a major director is attached to the project and it's being pitched as a feature film.

The Handbook by Jim Benton
Batman Squad by Jim Benton
Jop and Blip Wanna Know: Can You Hear A Penguin Fart on Mars?
The End (Almost) by Jim Benton

And FANN CLUB, BATMAN SQUAD: THE JUSTIEST JUSTICE OF ALL is a full color graphic novel, is available now from DC Comics.

Ernest Fann and Friends by Jim Benton
Will Eisner Award Nominee Jim Benton
Clyde by Jim Benton

CLYDE is an original graphic novel published by Yoe  Books. School Library Journal says Clyde "...will draw in both robust and emerging readers, and frequent action scenes will compel all readers, to keep turning pages...they will cheer when Clyde saves the day...recommended for most public and elementary school libraries." This title was shortlisted for an Excelsior award.


a Holiday picture book from Two Lions. "Along

with being lit up by themes of caring for others and shouldering

responsibility, this hilarious seasonal outing offers great read-aloud potential for its regular but natural-sounding metrics and rhyme." - Booklist Starred Review

Comet the Unstoppable Reindeer by Jim Benton
Catwad Books 2-6 by Jim Benton
Catwad: It's Me. by Jim Benton

Six CATWAD full color graphic novels are published with Scholastic/Graphix. Kirkus Reviews says that "'s sketchy-comedy nonsense, but preteens will be onboard immediately and asking for the next volume at the close of this short collection."

ATTACK OF THE STUFF, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BILL WADDLER from Papercutz, is about an unlikely hero that can hear inanimate objects,

but only their complaints.

Kirkus Reviews says

"Benton's lively and

outrageously imaginative

graphic novel feels like

a sugar rush manifested

into comic panels..."

Catwad and Blurmp
The Life and Times of Bill Waddler by Jim Benton

Jim is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators, the National Cartoonists Society, and The Society of Illustrators. He has also contributed to The Licensing Book, Writer's Digest Magazine, Reader's Digest Magazine, Kidscreen Magazine, Dark Horse Presents, MAD Magazine, The New Yorker and was a joke writer for Illumination's Secret Life of Pets 2, and Despicable Me 2.


Interested in publishing, licensing, or entertainment projects? Drop me a note.

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