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How we made the cover of book one.

This is the very first cover I did. When I sent the story off to the publisher to see if they wanted to make Franny books, this art went with it.
They wanted to try a few variations. I dropped the joke middle name of "Igor" and it's a good thing I did. One book later I introduced her dog, Igor.
This is the final cover of the first book. see those shadows? I kept those from the other rough.
I thought about putting the monster right on the cover, and I did this rough art to see how that might look. But this is Franny's book, not the monster's, and we could hardly see her!
Okay! Now we can see the monster and Franny, and Franny' s name is big. I liked this rough, and we could have used something like it, but since this was for Franny's very FIRST book, it was important to make her really stand out. ( See the shadows on the wall? Remember those )
Someday you might like to make a book, lots of things you do can be done all by yourself.

But getting a book published takes editors ( like Kevin Lewis ) and art-directors ( like Dan Potash ), and lots of other smart, talented people working together. After the book is complete, there are people that need to know how to sell it to stores and make sure that the books all arrive looking good and ready to read. Everybody tries their best to make the book the best it can be, and done on time.

I truly hope that you do write a book one day. ( Maybe a hundred books !) Because not only do I love making them, I love reading them as well, and I can't wait to read one by you.
This will give you an idea of how loose things start.

You almost never see the different things that lead up to a final cover. Often, a few different ideas are tried before the final cover is chosen.


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