Jim Benton
Artists always seem to be interested in materials other artists use, so here you go.

I do a lot of different projects, but I always try to make sure that I use the same materials over and over on individual characters.

I do Franny is a very traditional way, and there are just not many materials used. I like rollerball pens and pencils for sketching, and I sketch on cheap white paper.

I do the final inking with waterproof pens on watercolor paper. I use a "Hot Press" paper. Hot Press just means that the paper is smooth. I like Cold Press for some projects, but I always use Hot Press on Franny. (
If you're thinking about trying watercolor for the first time, try differrent kinds of paper. It has a lot to do with how the final art will look. )

I use a black liquid watercolor that is diluted down to make the various greys I paint with. Liquid watercolor dilutes easy and the color remains constant.

I use a grey pencil for some of the linework, if I want it to fade into the background. I don't use white paint to fix mistakes, since you'd probably be able to see it. If I make a mistake on the final art, I usually just ( ouch ) tear it up and start over. Once in a while, I have been able to fix a mistake with a technique called "patching" but only rarely.


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