Jim Benton

The very first drawing of Franny.

"Making friends" was the term that made me think of Franny. I wondered how a kid might do that in a story. I've always liked spooky things, so naturally, I thought of a mad scientist "making" friends. I decided to make a character my daughter would like, and decided on a little girl mad scientist.

This was what Franny looked like the first time I drew her. I ws thinking of calling her "Angeline Frankenstein". But when I thought of "Franny K. Stein", I liked that much better.

As the story developed, I realized that long hair would not be practical in a laboratory Franny, so I gave her pigtails. The highlight on Franny's hair is supposed to remind you of a bolt of electricity.

Kids often ask me why her hair is purple. It's from working with all those strange chemicals, of course.


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