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Here's an illustration you might have seen on page 45 of Lunch Walks Among Us. I sketch very quickly with a a felt-tip or a rollerball. ( At this point, pretty much any type of pen or pencil is fine. ) I usually do several quick sketches before I see something I think will work.

When all of the the sketches are done, they're sent off to my editors. Usually they give me a big friendly thumbs-up, but sometimes, they have suggestions that will make the drawing better. And sometimes they spot mistakes that I
On the Franny books, I always use the same paper and pens so that all the illustrations look good together. (You can see the stuff I use by clicking on the blob that says "Materials I use to draw Franny") I often do a sketch in between the loose sketch and the final art, just to tighten things up a bit.

So, were you counting? In a book with 100 pages, I do between three and four hundred drawings. That may seem like a lot, but I love to draw, and when I get down to the last few illustrations in a Franny book, I'm sort of sad it's over.
made. ( That's right: just like Franny, I occasionally make mistakes. )

When we're all pretty sure that the sketch is close to what we want, I start the final drawing.

The final drawings are sent to my editors at Simon and Schuster, and they check them again. If everything looks okay, the art goes in the book.


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